Testnet Guide (outdated)

Visit the dApp, choose a game and click on the big question mark (?) next to the game's name to understand how the game works.

Testnet Chains

ZKasino is currently live on 5 different testnets: zkSync 2.0 testnet, Arbitrum Goerli (testnet), Mumbai (Polygon testnet), Fantom Testnet, BNB Chain testnet.


ZKasino has built gas faucets for every chain it's live on. Simply head over to the dApp, choose your network and click the "Request & Tweet" button. Alternatively, you can use the official faucets (links provided on the dApp).

Minting ZKUSD

ZKUSD can be minted for free to play with on testnet. ZKUSD has no value; it is only used on the ZKasino testnet chains.

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