• House: the platform that takes the bets
  • Wager: the bet player places before entering a game
  • Payout: amount player receives after a game ends, includes wager and profit.
  • Multiplier: decimal odds player has with a specific input on a game
    • multiplier*wager=payout
  • Profit: profit player makes after winning a game
    • profit=payout-wager
  • Pot: the total amount of bets from player(s) (and the house when house is an opponent, Coinflip for example)
  • Hand (Poker): a specific set of 5 cards
  • Decimal odds (European odds): average probability on a game to get a favourable outcome written as decimals, used to determine the payout
  • Probability odds: average chance in % of getting a favourable outcome from the player's perspective
  • House edge: house odds minus player odds
  • Casino games: games played against the the house
  • PvP games (Player versus Player games): players do not play against the house, but against other players, while the house takes a fee