The player can choose between 8 to 16 rows. There are 9 to 17 slots (row amount+1) for the ball to fall into. The probabilities of the ball hitting a specific slot can be found in this table:


The player can adjust their risk level to Low, Medium, or High. By changing the risk level, the slot multipliers change too. The multipliers are noted in this table:

Note: The multipliers of the Plinko game can't be found in the code, because the multipliers have to be set when the contract gets deployed. Invoke the function Plinko_GetMultipliers on the deployed contract to verify the multipliers.

The player's return is also calculated in the table above under 'mean'. The average return can be calculated by taking the average of all 'means' in the table above. For risk Low, this is 0.97938. For risk Medium, this is 0.9798. For risk High, this is 0.9786. Taking the average of all risks, the return is 0.97926.

House Edge

A return of 0.97926 gives a house edge of 2.074% ((1-0.97926)*100).


This leads to the following odds for Plinko:


Decimal odds


Return to Player


Probability odds


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