ZKasino Chain Testnet

Welcome to the ZKasino Chain Testnet, your gateway to exploring the future of on-chain gaming. Whether you are a developer, a gamer, or a blockchain enthusiast, the ZKasino Testnet offers a sandbox environment to test, explore, and provide feedback on our cutting-edge blockchain built from the ZK Stack.

Testnet Resources

To get started with the ZKasino Testnet, here are the key resources and endpoints you'll need:

  • RPC URL: https://testnet-rpc.zkasino.io/

    • Use this RPC endpoint to connect your wallet or dApp to the ZKasino Testnet.

  • Testnet Explorer: https://testnet-explorer.zkasino.io/

    • Explore transactions, blocks, and more on the ZKasino Testnet with our dedicated explorer.

  • Chain Name: ZKasinoNet

    • This is the official name of our testnet chain.

  • Chain ID: 76124

    • Use this Chain ID when configuring your wallet to connect to the ZKasino Testnet.

Bridging to ZKasino Testnet

To participate in the ZKasino ecosystem during the testnet phase, you will need to bridge over Sepolia ETH to ZKasino. This process allows you to convert test ETH from the Sepolia network into ZKasino's testnet tokens, enabling you to engage with our platform's features fully.

  • Bridge Portal: https://testnet-portal.zkasino.io

    • Visit our testnet bridge portal to start the bridging process. Follow the on-screen instructions to convert your Sepolia ETH into ZKasino testnet tokens.

Getting Involved

The ZKasino Testnet is an integral part of our development process, providing invaluable insights and feedback from the community.

Here is how you can get involved:

  • Dive into our testnet to try out the latest features and games. Your interactions help us identify improvements and ensure a seamless user experience.

  • We value your input! Share your testnet experiences, suggestions, and any issues you encounter via our community channels or the feedback form on our website.

  • Follow our official channels for the latest testnet updates, announcements, and opportunities to participate in testnet events.

Thank you for your interest in ZKasino and for contributing to the evolution of on-chain gaming. We are excited to have you join us on this journey and look forward to your feedback and contributions on the ZKasino Testnet.

Let the games begin!

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