Placing wager

The player needs to place a wager (bet amount) before being able to play a game. Bets are placed in bet tokens through connecting a Web3-wallet. There are no sign-ups required nor deposits or withdrawals. Web3-wallets interact directly with the game contracts: wagers are sent through the game contracts and payouts are received from the bankroll. See the Architecture page for more information.


Metaplay is a different way of betting besides regular play. With Metaplay, wallet pop ups are gone and fees are paid with the bet token players are using. This brings the UX closer to Web2 online casinos. The player only needs to setup Metaplay through two transactions and can enjoy seamless betting.

Max wager with Kelly

The maximum wager a player can place is capped by the Kelly Criterion, a famous formula to determine the optimal bet size. The formula is used to calculate the Kelly fraction and takes game's probabilities and multipliers into account. With the Kelly fraction and the bankroll value, we can calculate the perfect Kelly Bet.

The Kelly Bet is the maximum wager a player can place on a game. This allows us to automatically tweak maximum wagers to prevent the bankroll from going bust. For more information on how Kelly is used, read the Kelly-based risk management page.


VRFs allow us to add multi-betting. In one transaction a player can buy multiple bets (currently up to 100 multi-bets on all games). The game contract will request the same amount of bets as random values in one RNG request from the VRF (see Chainlink's documentation). The player saves transaction fees and time, since only one wallet confirmation is required. Go to the VRF section for more information on VRFs.

Stop Gain and Stop Loss

The player can add a stop gain, stop loss or both to their multi-bet. The game will end when a stop limit has been reached. The player will only pay for the amount of games that have been played up to and including the game in which the stop was reached.

For example: a player buys 10 bets with wager 10 and adds a stop gain of 20. After 4 games the player has 20 profit. The betting will stop since the stop gain of 20 has been reached. The player only pays for 4 games, the leftover 6 games will not be played.

Pending VRF Requests

On their profile page a player can find "Pending VRF Requests". On very rare occasions the VRF request does not get resolved and the player's wager will be stuck in the game contract. After 100 blocks the player can click "Refund" to remove their wager from the game contract. More information in VRFs and on the Architecture page.

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