Self Exclusion

ZKasino provides Self Exclusion to players. Players are able to suspend themselves temporarily or permanently. There is no other party involved in this suspension besides the player themselves. There is no central entity that has to approve or lift the suspension. The suspension happens between the player and the smart contracts. Players also never lose access to their funds. Besides, ZKasino does not take deposits, there is no central entity holding customer funds.

Players can:

  1. Suspend themselves temporarily for any amount of time

    • Increase the suspension time

      • Only lift the suspension once the set time has passed

  2. Permanently suspend themselves

During suspension, the suspended address can't be used to place bets in the whole casino and all future games. If the player suspends themselves while in a game, they are able to finish the game. If players have a pending VRF request while suspended, they can refund their wager.

How to suspend

Users can navigate to their Profile page, scroll down to Self-Exclusion and follow the instructions.

But I can just use a new address!

Players are incentivised to keep using one address for betting, because they will lose rewards, ranks, achievements and more.

Steps to suspend without dapp

  1. Input the Bankroll contract address (found in Contracts) in the search bar

  2. Choose which chain (see Chains where ZKasino is deployed) you want to suspend yourself on and hit search

    1. Note: if you want to suspend yourself on every chain, you have to do this per chain at a time

  3. Scroll down to "BankrollFacet"

  4. Click "WRITE"

  5. Connect your wallet

  6. Choose a Method

    1. permanentlyBan: when you execute this function, your address will never be able to interact with the ZKasino contracts anymore

    2. suspend: enter the time in seconds for how long you want to suspend your address

    3. increaseSuspensionTime: add more suspension time on top of the already suspended time

    4. liftSuspension: if the player wants to continue playing after the suspension time has ended, first the suspension needs to be lifted

  7. Press execute and sign the transaction

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