ZKasino Bridge

Inspired by innovative bridging mechanisms like that of Blast, ZKasino enables participants to earn ZKAS tokens before the chain goes live. This guide details everything you need to know about earning ZKAS by bridging ETH.



ZKasino's bridge mechanism stands out by offering participants the chance to earn ZKAS tokens as they contribute to the ecosystem's liquidity. Drawing from the Blast model with a limited timer, this initiative not only facilitates the transition to the ZKasino network but also rewards early participants generously.

  • Participants earn ZKAS tokens by bridging ETH from Ethereum mainnet to the ZKasino chain.

  • Up to 25% of the ZKAS supply (2,222,222,222) is reserved for participants in the bridging process.

  • For ETH bridged participants earn ZKAS continuously.

  • Rewards are handed out to participants every second.

  • When the timer runs out, the bridge closes and ETH contributions are halted.

  • Participants still earn ZKAS every second after the bridge has closed until the ZKasino network goes live.

Bridge Timer Specifics

  • The bridge closes when the timer runs out and no more ETH contributions will be accepted, but ZKAS rewards are still being accumulated by participants.

  • This limitation enhances the value of being an early participant and ensures a lower number of contributors, preserving the exclusivity and potential earnings for each participant.

  • The bridge will be closed automatically after 30 days OR until the total intended supply of 2,222,222,222 ZKAS has run out.

Claiming Your ZKAS

  • Upon the ZKasino chain launch, your ZKAS tokens will be instantly available in your wallet as ZKAS is the native gas token on the chain. Once you connect to the network, your tokens will appear in your wallet.

  • This process is automatic, requiring no further action to claim your tokens.

Important: Please refrain from clicking on any suspicious links for claiming ZKAS. The distribution process is automatic, requiring no additional steps on your part after bridging.

Bridge Security

Security is without question a top priority. Bridged ETH is stored in the secure Bridge contract (0x9144e18c28338516f0ace99bc88de34aae59be45) which is controlled by a 3/4 Multisig wallet (0x7911FeA7b36Fbd58a771bbf907aAd2ef4BDCC491) until the ZKasino network goes live.

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